Thursday, 21 August 2014

JCR Life & Times Talk

A talk by the blog's author is now available on the life and times of Russell. For details see the page 'Talk on JCR'   
The presentation is suitable for audiences ranging from local historians, railway enthusiasts etc to more general groups.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bridge House Aldershot

A recent find on the web concerning Russell's property activities is a site describing the history of a private house - Bridge House Aldershot  where Frederick Eggar sold the land to Russell in 1877 ;he subsequently then sold it to Susan Sumpster in 1905. This is close to Manor Farm. Russell's will refers to his property development interests, the Aldershot Lodge Estate and other property in the area, including the Manor Estates.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Russell's trophies

James Cholmeley Russell competed in both rowing and shooting competitions in the early part of his life and this is illustrated by the trophies he won. 

Harrow School Shooting Trophy
Harrow School Trophy  - J C Russell
Russell was at Harrow School from Easter 1855 to  Christmas 1859. Here on the 7th April 1859
he won a prize for either shooting or archery,note the arrows on the coat of arms. The motto on the tankard (see picture) reads  'Stet Fortuna Domus' - Let the Fortune of the House Stand - the motto of Harrow School.

Russell's Rifle Challenge Cup Trophy
Russell's Rifle Challenge Cup Trophy
In 1860 Russell went up to Magdalene College, Oxford as a Commoner. Here he remained until June 1864, graduating with a BA, 3rd class Moderations and 2nd class in Law and Modern History. Whilst at  Magdalene he was a member of the Rifle Club and in 1863 won third prize in the Rifle Challenge Cup competition.

J C Russell 'Scratch Fours' Trophy
Magdalene College 'Scratch Fours' Trophy
Russell was also a rower and following graduation he subsequently competed in the Magdalene College 'Scratch Fours Competition in 1868.
Shooting Trophy 23rd Middlesex
Handicap Prize Third  Class
As a barrister, Russell joined the 23rd Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps and while a Sergeant won the Handicap Prize Third  Class in 1876. He was later commissioned as a Sub-Lieutenant and was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant in 1877. The motto on the trophy reads Salus populi suprema lex esto ‘The health of the people should be the supreme law’