Monday, 20 July 2009

Asking the Court for money for the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways Company

Evidence that the problems of the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways Company were troubling James C Russell even a year before his death, in this sworn affadavit to the Chancery divison of the High Court. Dated 31st May 1911 it asks the Court permission to release money held by the Court to pay for running expenses and to pay debenture interest. At the end he drops in that there are negotiations taking place to transfer the line to the London & North Western Railway which ultimately proved to be a pipe dream. Most of this is in copper plate script by one assumes a solictor's clerk but JCR has added a line in his own wavering hand writing at the end, perhaps demonstrating his fraility by this time.

Many thanks to Michael Bishop for unearthing this document and for others including Russell (as Receiver) asking the Court to let him spend up to £250 on building the Stationmaster's House at Dinas in 1899, funded by Debentures which were never raised and another in 1914 by his successor Gowrie Aitchison detailing quotes for engine repairs for "Russell" and "Gowrie" funded from Monies in Court.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

James Chomeley Russell's Funeral Report

The report on JCR's funeral from The Farnham, Haslemere & Hindhead Herald for September 7th 1912 is shown in these two pictures.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ernest E Lake

Ernest E Lake (1844 -1917) was a friend of JCR, his solicitor and an executor of his will.

He was born at Highgate, Middlesex, on the 2 March 1844. His father Henry was a partner in the family law firm, Tucker Lake & Lyon of 4 New Court, Lincoln's Inn which Ernest subsequently joined. Ernest had six brothers and two sisters and one of them, Edward became the first managing director of the Greene King Brewery of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. His mother, Mary Lake née Greene was one of thirteen children and a brother Benjamin Buck Greene was a Governor of the Bank of England from 1873 to 1875. Mary was a relative of the novelist Graham Greene.

Lake was one of the original shareholders in The Moel Tryfan Rolling Stock Company Limited set up in 1878, that leased "the Locomotives, Engines, Carriages, Wagons, Trucks and Rolling Stock..." to the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways Company. Lake later became a director of the NWNR Co.

Ernest married Mary Frances Dyne (1848 - 1903) in 1872 but there were no children of the marriage.

He was Mayor of Hampstead in 1908 and laid the foundation stone for Hampstead Hill School on Pond Street formerly the old church and community halls. See Ed Fordham's blog of 12 July 2009 at

Ernest died in Hampstead on 28 September 1917

For more information on the Lake and Greene family see an excellent family history site at

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Friends of James Cholmeley Russell

In his will of 1897 JCR made bequests of £20 each (around £1700 at 2008 prices using the RPI measure) to some of his friends. They included the 'great and the good' of the time:

John Heywood Johnstone was MP for Horsham (1893-1904) and lived at Bignor Park, Sussex and also at Trewithen, Cornwall, famous its gardens. He was usually known by his middle name of Heywood.1 He was a Justice of the Peace was a Deputy Lieutenant John Heywood Johnstone's son George Horace Johnstone (1882 -1960) took over Trewithen on his father's death heralding Trewithen's Golden Age of Gardening.

Sir Edward Fry GCB, GCMG, FRS (1827-1918), was a judge in the Court of Appeal (1883-1892) and also an arbitrator on the International Permanent Court of Arbitration. He was a Quaker, son of Joseph Fry (1795-1879) and Mary Ann Swaine.

He was called to the bar in 1854, took silk in 1869 and became a judge in Chancery in 1877 and was raised to the Court of Appeal in 1877 retiring in 1892.

In 1897 he accepted an offer to preside over the Royal Commission on the Irish Land Acts. He also acted as an arbitrator in the Welsh coal strike (1898), the Grimsby fishery dispute (1901) and between the London and North Western Railway Company and its employees (1906, 1907).

He was also involved in international law including acting as the British legal assessor on the commission to investigate the Dogger Bank incident where the Russian navy accidentally attacked a British herring fleet in the North Sea.

Besides law he was on the Council of University College London and was interested in Zoology (elected to the Royal Society in 1883).He wrote two books on bryophytes, British Mosses (1892) and, with his daughter Agnes, The Liverworts: British and Foreign (1911). Sir Edward lived at Failand House just outside Bristol.

Sir Fleetwood Isham Edwards (1842-1910) was educated at Harrow School and went to Sandhurst in 1861. He received a commission in the Royal Engineers in 1863. In the 1870s he was Inspector of Works at Woolwich Arsenal, then aide-de-camp to General Sir John Lintorn Simmons, inspector-general of fortifications. Following his contributions to the Berlin Congress, in 1878, he was appointed Assistant Privy Purse and Assistant Private Secretary to Queen Victoria. He later became head of the Queen's personal household, a privy councillor, and a close personal advisor. He was an executor of her will in 1901.

He was a member of the M.C.C. from 1870, and at Harrow, just failed to get into the Eleven. In his time he made some scores for the Royal Engineers, and in 1865 began to play for Gentlemen of Kent.

Aubrey St John Clerke, (1843-1923), had a brilliant career as a scholar and medallist in mathematics and science at Trinity College, Dublin and later became a Chancery barrister in London. Amon other books, he wrote The law and practice under the Settled land acts, 1882-1890. With the statutes and the rules and forms issued under the Settled land act, 1882

Ernest E Lake (1844 -1917)
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Sunday, 5 July 2009

James Russell's siblings

Maria Russell - born 1841 - married in 1874 - Arthur Charles Humphreys-Owen (9 November 1836 – 9 December 1905) Welsh barrister, landowner and Liberal politician. See the Wikipedia entry at
Frances Penelope Russell - born 1843
Robert Bruce Russell - born 1845 in Walmer Kent - Oxford graduate - Magdalen College - became a barrister - died 1887 - co-edited with JCR The Rights And Liabilities Of Husband and Wife by John Fraser Macqueen on the law of marriage
Charlotte Russell - (1846 - 1875) married James Howe McClure (lawyer) and moved to Scotland - their son (born 1875) Major Charles Russell McClure died on 21st October 1914 after being wounded under heavy close fire at Le Bizet. He was 39. See more at the University of Glasgow Roll of Honour site
Lucy Jane Russell - born 1848 - married Rev. John Pincher Faunthorpe,   Vice-Principal of Whitelands College (Battersea Training College) in 1901 after the death of his first wife, Charlotte. Lucy died on 18 Aug 1917 in Elmfield House, Bromley, Kent
John Montague Russell - born 1850 - graduated from Oxford (Magdalen College) in 1870
Jessie Russell - born 1854

Based on Census data and various other sources including
David Naylor, Ontario, Canada