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James Russell's siblings

Maria Russell - born 1841 - married in 1874 - Arthur Charles Humphreys-Owen (9 November 1836 – 9 December 1905) Welsh barrister, landowner and Liberal politician. See the Wikipedia entry at
Frances Penelope Russell - born 1843
Robert Bruce Russell - born 1845 in Walmer Kent - Oxford graduate - Magdalen College - became a barrister - died 1887 - co-edited with JCR The Rights And Liabilities Of Husband and Wife by John Fraser Macqueen on the law of marriage
Charlotte Russell - (1846 - 1875) married James Howe McClure (lawyer) and moved to Scotland - their son (born 1875) Major Charles Russell McClure died on 21st October 1914 after being wounded under heavy close fire at Le Bizet. He was 39. See more at the University of Glasgow Roll of Honour site
Lucy Jane Russell - born 1848 - married Rev. John Pincher Faunthorpe,   Vice-Principal of Whitelands College (Battersea Training College) in 1901 after the death of his first wife, Charlotte. Lucy died on 18 Aug 1917 in Elmfield House, Bromley, Kent
John Montague Russell - born 1850 - graduated from Oxford (Magdalen College) in 1870
Jessie Russell - born 1854

Based on Census data and various other sources including
David Naylor, Ontario, Canada

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