Tuesday, 14 July 2009

James Chomeley Russell's Funeral Report

The report on JCR's funeral from The Farnham, Haslemere & Hindhead Herald for September 7th 1912 is shown in these two pictures.


Unknown said...


Great site! I was trying to look at the obituary that you had posted, but when I click on the thumbnail of the second page it doesn't open as a bigger file (and enlarging just distorts the image). Are you able to post a larger image file or a link to a larger image file! (The first is cut off just as the obituary is about to tell the inscription!)

Thank you!

NickB said...

I've reposted the two scans and they both work - note that the inscription referred to on the last line of the first scan is just the two lines at the top of the second scan. If still a problem let me know your email address and I can send you the scans. I moderate all comments before they appear so this would not be published Glad you like the site - I add to it as more research is done