Sunday, 21 February 2010

JCR as Executor

A search of the Great Western Railway Shareholders Register that has been made available on shows that JCR acted as an executor for several relatives who were holders of GWR shares as follows.

The Reverend Robert Cholmeley, JCR's maternal grandfather died 30 August 1880 at Findon, Sussex. JCR was joint executor with Mrs Constance Mary Cholmeley. These shares had been jointly held with Anthony Adey (deceased) .

JCR's brother, Robert Bruce Russell died 18 March 1887 at Queen's Gate London.

George Buchanan McClure the brother in law of JCR's sister Charlotte died 11 July 1888. He had emigrated to Australia and is listed in the Register with addresses in Scotland and New South Wales. The other executor was GBM's twin brother, James Howe McClure (Charlotte's husband).

William Cholmeley MDST FRCP, a maternal relative of JCR's died aged 73 on 18 June 1896 with addresses in Grosvenor Street London and Notting Hill. WC was a well known doctor who rated an obituary in the British Medical Journal 4 July 1896

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